Get ready Detective Kate Miles fans!

TAKEN – the 2020 Richell Prize longlisted follow up to The Torrent, is coming in Feb 2023 and you can pre-order now!

With massive thanks to the team at HarperCollins Australia and to Louisa Maggio for the amazing cover design!


A parent’s worst nightmare. A case that’s too close to home. The tense, must-read new Detective Kate Miles novel from the award-winning author of The Torrent.

‘I was in the shower. I left Sienna in her bassinet …When I got out … She was gone.’

Detective Sergeant Kate Miles is back from maternity leave and struggling on multiple fronts – the pressures of a second child, financial strain from her husband losing his job, and a corruption scandal that may involve her father.

When an infant goes missing, Kate finds herself fronting a high-profile and emotionally fraught case. Was baby Sienna removed from her bassinet by an unknown abductor or is the answer much closer to home?

Amidst a frenzied media demanding answers, and a station chief looking for any reason to remove her from the investigation, Kate is pushed to her limits, pulled between the competing demands of the family at the centre of the case and her own spiralling personal life.

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